We would like to invite you to this AKARI NEP conference at NTHU, Hsinchu in Taiwan, held on 6/27(Wed).  With the HSC data reduced recently and new SCUBA2 data coming in (thanks to our Korean friends),  it is a good time to meet and discuss about current status and the future. Details will be announced soon, but please mark your calendar first.

2018 NEP Meeting

01 / AKARI and multi- wavelengths data ...

AKARI's 9-band near- to mid-IR images are truly unique in that no other telescope can provide such images. And our NEP region is one of the most frequently observed area on the sky, extensively  covering from uv to radio !!

02 / Recent Subaru/HSC
  & new SCUBA2 obs...

Recenly we obtained new Subaru HSC images to cover the entire NEP wide field (5.2 sq. deg.). This region is going to be covered with a large SCUBA2 program with sub-mm bands.

03 / So, here in NTHU,
    we are now ... 

With the new data coming in, a new era of science in NEP has begun. Time is ripe for scientists to get together for the fruitful future of the NEP!  Let's meet at the NTHU! 



NEP Observation
Data, Proposal  
Catalogs, etc.
New Ideas
Scientific Interests
Recent Results
Making friends 
Future Plans


June 27 (Wed) 

 0800-0900  Registration   

 0900-0910  Welcoming Remarks - Goto, Tomo.    


*S1-  (Chair: Chiang, Chia-Ying)  (4 talks+poster) 

 0910-0930  Matsuhara, Hideo  (20m)  

 0930-0950  Lee, Hyung Mok (20m)                    

 0950-1005  Oi, Nagisa           (remote )

 1005-1020  Chen, Chien-Ting (remote )   


 1040 -1110 Coffee break & Poster 

*S2, (Chair: Hashimoto, Tetsuya) (5 talks)

 1110-1125  Kim, Seong-Jin     

 1125-1140  Jeong, Woong-Seob    

 1140-1155  Miyaji, Takamitsu     

 1155-1205  Burgarella, Denis

 1205-1220  Ohyama, Youichi  

*Conference Photo (12:20-12:30) 

*12:20-14:10pm, Lunch

*S3, (Chair: Matsuhara, Hideo) (6 talks)

 1410-1425  Shim, Hyunjin      

 1425-1440  Seo, Hyunjong   

 1440-1455  Takagi,Toshi        

 1455-1510  Kilerci Eser, Ece    

 1510-1525  Chang, Yu-Yen      

 1525-1540  Chiang, Chia-Ying   

 1540-1615  Coffee break   

*S4, (Chair: Kim, Seong-Jin) (4normal+3short )

 1615-1630  Hashimoto, Tetsuya         

 1630-1645  Toba, Yoshiki          

 1645-1700  Aoyama, Shohei   

 1700-1715  Hsu, Li-Ting    

 ---  Student: 10min  ---         

 1715-1725  Wu, Yi-Han    

 1725-1735  Narwal, Tapish  

 1735-1745  Lu, Nicole   

 1745-1800  Conference Summary (Lee, H.M.)  

 1830-1900  Move to Ding Tai Feng 

 1900-2130 Dinner (NTD200)

June 28 (Thu)

 0900-1030  Free discussion 

 1030-1100  Coffee break  

 1100-1200  Free discussion

 1200-1300  Lunch 


-------       Outline of NEP Multi-wavelengths Survey 

-------       NEP/SCUBA2 Survey 

-------       Subaru/HSC Data on the NEP

-------       Prospects of ART-XC observations in NEP

-------       5 minutes x 4 presentations

-------       Star-Forming PAH Galaxies in the NEP 

-------       To Reveal the origin of CIB: MIRIS, NISS & SPHEREx

-------       X-ray Observation on the NEP Field

-------       Multi-wavelength Study of Galaxies: the Role of IR/SMM

-------       SPICY: AKARI Slitless Spectroscopy of Galaxies at z~<0.5

  in front of the Building, 1st floor

  Prepared at the Lounge

-------       Red Galaxies and Beyond

-------       SCUBA2 850um Objects in the NEP

-------       Keck/DEIMOS Spectroscopy AKARI/MIR Galaxies

-------       Local IR Luminosity Function from AKARI Galaxies.

-------       Host Galaxies of IR-AGNs

-------       AGN Fraction - Extinction Free SED-Fit Test   


-------       The 4D Fundamental Metallicity Relation of SFGs

-------       Relationship between MIR and X-ray lum of AGNs

-------       Dust Properties from Cosmological Simulation

-------       NIR Survey GOODS-North Field and the Science


-------       Dark Energy Probe: Lum vs FWHM of High-z Molecular Lines

-------       Supercluster Hunting - the Most Distant One

-------       Reionization with a Quasar @z=6.6


     (Bus will be standing by at 2130)



                 We are happy to announce followings of our meeting.

1. Discussion  
There will be additioinal session in the morning of 6/28(Thu) to discuss future prospects, poposals, and collaborations. Please try to stay if your schedule allows. We need to check how many will take part in this session to order lunch boxes. Please reply to seongini@gmail.com if you need lunch box for the 2nd day.

2. Program/Schedule (6/27, 28)
Preliminary schedule is shown at the conference web page [See Above]
. We have interesting presentations (09AM-6PM), with more than 30 participants, 26 talks (oral & poster, including 2 remote participants)

3. For Remote Participation/Presentation.  

Please notifiy starwyh@gmail.com your skype account in advance. 
- Our SKYPE account : arishyshu@gmail.com
- Account Name : Cosmology Group NTHU.

4. We use our windows PC for presentation to save time on switching PCs. 
Please copy your presentatioins file to our USB, during the break before your presentation (registration, coffee break or lunch)

5. Early Arrival on 6/26 (Tue).   
We plan to go dinner with early arrivals. Please come to 5th floor of 'General Building 2' if you arrive early. If you can join the dinner, please let seongini@gmail.com know your arrival time.

6. Please be ready for a hot weather in Taiwan.  
Temperature raises up to more than 35C during the day. UV protected umbrella would be useful to walk around here. Locals carry a water bottle all the time. Please stay hydrated.  

7. Please bring your own mug cup.       

We're not going to prepare paper cups for coffee break to be environmentally friendly.

If you have any questions or requests, please let us know (tomo@phys.nthu.edu.tw; tomosecretary@gmail.com; seongini@gmail.comtetsuya@phys.nthu.edu.tw; jamiech109@gmail.com; ft8320@wayne.edu )

We are looking forward to meet at the conference,